Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Protects Color Wrapped Cars


Orland, Florida is a great place to live and work, but it can be a tough place to be a car, truck, or SUV. The same hundreds of days of annual sunshine that people love can wreak havoc on the exterior of a vehicle, as can the lashing rainstorms that pass through the Orlando area dozens of times per year. If you have a car that you leave parked outside and exposed to the elements, you should protect your vehicle against the elements of Orlando with Ceramic Pro.

Color Wrap Protects Your Car, But What Protects That Vinyl Car Wrap?

If you have a color wrapped car in Orlando, Florida, then you need to upgrade to the next generation of Ceramic Pro automotive exterior coating products: Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl. Color wrap for cars in Orlando is a great way not only to make your vehicle look its best, but to protect the underlying paint job and the exterior of the car against wear and tear and minor cosmetic damage.

A car with auto paint can be waxed to help it resists damage caused by minor scratches, bird droppings or tree sap, damage from spilled fuel, oil, or chemicals, or from other such issues. An even better way to protect car paint is with a full vehicle wrap, that can help keep auto paint looking brand new for as long as the wrap is in place. (And vinyl wrap lasts for many years, usually at least five to seven years, in fact.) But vehicle wrap cannot be waxed to enhance its protection, and it can’t be buffed or polished and repainted. Hearty and resilient though it is, once damaged, car wrap must be replaced. The best way to protect color wrap for cars is to coat the exterior with specially made Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl. This creates a clear, glass-like, super strong layer over the wrap that does not change the color or clarity of the vehicle wrap but that does protect it against damage from all sorts of issues, including scratches and abrasions, spills and etching, fading caused by sunlight, and much more.

Why Ceramic Pro for Vinyl Wrapped Cars Is a Must Have

The unique Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl coating extends the lifespan of color wrap for cars, protecting the film from damage of myriad as noted above. That is the main reason people choose to coat wrapped cars with Ceramic Pro, because it protects their investment in color wrap for the long term. But it also helps your car look better each and every day. Without Ceramic Pro, after a rainstorm (or a car wash) you have to either wipe down or drive your wrapped car until its clean, or else the water left sitting on the wrap will eventually leave marks that will require a car wash to remove.

Ceramic Pro is a hydrophobic substance; water sheds off of cars coated with Ceramic Pro much more readily than it does off of car paint, vinyl wrap, or paint protection wrap. This helps keep the car looking better after rainfall or splashes and also makes the process of cleaning and drying the car easier after those car washes that you will need less frequently once the vehicle is coated.

Multiple Layers of Ceramic Pro Means More Protection

With classic Ceramic Pro 9H for painted cars and Ceramic Pro PPF and Vinyl, the more the merrier. You can apply a layer of Ceramic Pro and stop there, knowing your car is better protected against scratches and scuffs and damage from stains and etching, but you can also apply a subsequent second and third layer. Each added layer of Ceramic Pro will make the exterior of your vinyl wrapped car all the more resistant to damage; applying multiple layers of Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is especially wise if you want to protect your car against physical damage like scratches, minor dents, abrasions, and so forth.

The Semi-Permanent Solution To Color Wrap Protection

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl will last as long as you want it to. It creates a permanent bond with the vinyl wrap around your car, protecting that color shift, pattern, or graphic printed wrap for as long as you leave the material on the car. But Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl still allows for one of the greatest attributes of color wrap for cars: removability. While Ceramic Pro adds strength and resilience while on the car, vehicle wrap coated with Ceramic Pro can still be fully and cleanly removed in just a matter of a day or so, restoring the car the condition it was in before the wrap and coating were applied.

So if you want your color wrap car in Orlando Florida to need less frequent cleanings and to better resist damage and the elements, consider coating that vehicle wrap in Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl and protecting the wrap as well as the wrapping is protecting the car underneath.