Ceramic Window Tint Film For This Home In Kissimmee, FL


For this beautiful home in Kissimmee, Florida the homeowners main concern was how much unwanted heat was entering their master bedroom. After a short consultation with one of our consultants they decided to go with our Xpel Clear View Ceramic film. They were interested in this film because it offers superior high heat rejection as well as 99.9% UV protections. Not only are UV rays harmful to our skin but can also be harmful to our investments inside of our home. By reducing the heat and UV exposure, these homeowners are saving their upholstery, furniture, or any other valuables inside this home from fading over time. 

This Ceramic films are the top of the line products, They are created with dual layers ceramic particles and non-corrosive metals. This makes this film corrosion-resistant unlike other standard metalized, or even dyed films. 

With this multi-layer construction, the film offers up to 74% of infrared rejection, cutting down on the heat being transferred through those once untinted, bare windows and saving on energy costs. The film has a neutral tone and still allow natural light to enter the home, just without the heat and harmful UV rays that come with the Florida sun.

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