Clear Heat Rejecting Window Tint for Orlando Based Residence

This beautiful Windermere-based home had fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows. We were looking forward to chatting with the owners about their expectations for their home. We set up a free consultation so they could meet up with our team of experts for a brief chat. They expressed that the only item on their wishlist was the best heat rejection available. We recommended a nano-ceramic tint for the best heat rejection. They preferred to keep their natural views so we took that into consideration.

This nano-ceramic tint is 100% dye and metal free and offers low reflectivity. It offers 99% UV protection, a great benefit when you have many windows in your home. You want to know that you are being protected against the sun’s harmful rays while you are in your home. The option they opted for offers excellent infrared rejection and great solar energy rejection. They will also benefit from glare reduction to relieve the strain on their eyes. This ceramic tint will not discolor for the life of the product. With a lifetime residential warranty, these homeowners can rest assured that their home will continue to offer the benefits they originally wanted.

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