Different Types of Window Tint Every Car Owner Should Know

While choosing a window tint is a personal choice, it helps to have the idea of what each type of window film has to offer in terms of UV and solar heat protection, privacy, and cost. Here are the basic types of window tinting to help you choose what’s perfect for you.

Dyed Window Film

This window tint is perfect for the budget-savvy. It is way cheaper than the other types but can still effectively block sunlight. However, its heat-reduction ability is lower compared with the other types of films. It can also fade over time. Try to look online, and type in “window tinting near me cheap in Belle Isle, Florida” to find a shop that fits your budget.

Metalized Window Film

This type of window film uses metallic particles which filter out solar heat. It also gives a distinct shine to your car’s windows and increases shatter resistance. Metalized tints are durable, with high heat reduction and UV protection capability.

Hybrid Window Film

This type is a combination of dyed and metallic particles. It retains the many benefits of both dyed and metallic while reducing the drawbacks. It is great if you want ample privacy and sun protection.

Carbon Window Film

If you’re into aesthetics, then carbon window tinting is perfect for you. It has a unique matte-finish, creating a modern look for your car. It is highly durable, doesn’t fade, and blocks a considerable 40% of solar heat, providing added comfort and avoiding damage to your car’s upholstery and interiors. You can also apply a window cling film in Belle Isle, Florida for a more personalized look.

Crystalline Window Film

If you’re not that much into darker films, then crystalline window tinting is a great choice. Despite not having a dark shade, it still offers excellent protection from the sun’s UV radiation and heat.

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic window tinting made of ceramic particles. It provides high-performance window tinting, rejecting up to 99% of UV rays and up to 50% of solar heat. It is new in the market and may come at a price. It provides excellent optical clarity, which is good for night drivers. It is perfect for commercial window tinting in Belle Isle, Florida and is also the most efficient energy saving window film around Belle Isle, Florida.

Have you chosen the best window film for your car? Then you can begin the hunt for the best window tinting shop in town. There are a lot of window tinting deals in Belle Isle, Florida for you to choose from — from the affordable to the premium ones. Whatever type of window tint you choose, always make quality your top priority.