Even a Little Window Tint In Orlando Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes, it really is the little things. Like that bit of sugar that sweetens your coffee or that quick smile that brightens your day. On the other hand a little of the wrong stuff can ruin your day, too and speaking of bright things, here in Central Florida, a bit too much sun is an all too common problem.

We recently went out to the home of a customer based in northeast Orlando who was complaining that there was just too much light coming into the back of his home, yet he didn’t want to simply draw the shades and curtains and lost his view of the outside world. The solution? Why, window tint, of course. In this case Huper Optik Ceramic 40 tint, a perfect choice for residential and commercial window film in Florida.

The tinted windows create much less glare, keeping the view crisp while cutting down heat.

Window Tint Let’s You Enjoy Sunny Florida Even On the Sunniest Days

The sunshine was just too bright in the back rooms of this Orlando home; it came flooding through the all glass door and windows and made the interior too bright for comfort, and it also greatly increased the heat inside, too. This customer asked us to treat the solid glass door with window tint that would block the heat but not the view, and we’re proud to have done just that.

What makes us even more proud of this Orlando window film installation job we did is the fact that shortly after the project was wrapped, the homeowner came to us and asked if we could slot in time to tint more of the windows of the residence.

Once you see the benefits home window film can offer your property, you won’t want to stop with a single door or window, either.