Evolution and Developments of Window Tint Films

With what it is known today, window tint have gone a lot of innovations from its first day of creation. With what we know of tints today, believe it or not, it has gone through a lot of steps to get where it is now today. Whether it failed or not, tint’s innovation all contributed to what is known today. From early daily situations to iconic disastrous events, window tint has evolved throughout.

Its first appearance is estimated in the early 1940s, on cars like ‘40 Mercury Romango from Detroit and 58’ Chevy Impala. Thanks to EZ Eye, the first factory to develop window films, we can find wholesale window tint around University of Central Florida. Window tint at first has been considered as a luxury good, but in the early 1990s, it has come out to be a necessity for someone’s daily car.

The first tinted glass first came, thanks to the Egyptian and Mesopotamians with their colored beads used to design and block sunlight on their windows. Came in the medieval period where in Europe and the Middle East creates colored glass through the use of metallic oxides powders for palaces, mosques, and churches.

After the first installed tint film of EZ eye factory, the evolution of tints gone through from home-based spray-on tinting that caused dark and uneven tint that was prone to streaking. Came in, 1969 terrorist bombing in Europe, 3M developed a security window film that prevents shattering of glass, and keeping the glass held together in place to create a fortification from future events. You can say it was effective.

The tint that we all know today came from the last famous innovations of 1990. The first window metallic film caused problems that interfered with the signals for radio and electronic devices that caused the innovation of ceramic film that is still being used today. Privacy glass tint in University of Central Florida is even available on the market nowadays.

The evolution of window tints is the main cause of what window tints are today. Thanks to nanotechnology, window films have been innovated to ones that can generate power through solar radiation. Get windows tinted near University of Central Florida.

There is a lot of house tinting in University of Central Florida which you can visit to have your house or car installed with one. Make sure to choose services that offer professional window tint film around University of Central Florida.

Through a lot of evolution, window tints are what you know today. If not for disastrous events, it might have taken a while to innovate another feature of what window tint can offer.