Garage Door Privacy For a Freshly Renovated Winter Park Home

Garage Door Privacy for a freshly renovated Winter Park home
Featuring LLumar Glacier (NRM55 PS4)

These Orlando-based Homeowner’s contacted us because their garage was in need of privacy. Their garage door was composed of many panes which were allowing a clear look into their garage and at their possessions. 

Our consultants recommended LLumar Glacier (NRM55 PS4). This frosted film will create a private space with a translucent finish that won’t make you sacrifice light. LLumar Glacier (NRM55 PS4) can be custom cut for a decorative or patterned appearance and is ideal for office spaces. If you’re looking to meet interior design goals at a fraction of the cost of etched glass, LLumar Glacier (NRM55 PS4). Call 407-542-6031 to schedule your free consultation or Click Here