Great Heat Rejection Tint for Home in Orlando, Florida

This beautiful Orlando-based home was very much in need of heat rejection. They contacted us for a free consultation because they wanted to know what their options would be to reduce heat. They recently had the skylights installed for natural light to conserve energy. They later realized that what they would save on light usage, they would spend on cooling. Since this isn’t an ideal situation, we brought some options for them to look at. They did not want to significantly change the amount of light coming in so our consultants showed them some more natural options. They opted for an interior installation with a virtually clear tint. This excellent heat-reducing tint will offer superior heat rejection while allowing maximum light. They will also benefit from excellent UV rejection to protect their furniture from the sun’s harmful rays. By reducing the heat they can expect the lower energy costs they were trying to accomplish.

Great Heat Rejection Tint for Home Skylights in Orlando, Florida

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