Home Window Tint In Orlando Let’s You Savor the View

Window Tint for Homes In Florida

When you think about getting window tint for a home in Orlando, do you picture an interior that is darker than it used to be, perhaps even gloomy and dreary inside because of that dark window tinting on the glass? In fact, just the opposite os true: with window tint for homes in Orlando the interior can be brighter than ever as you can let in sunlight without letting in the sun’s heat or damaging UV light.

Block UV and IR Light with Residential Window Film

Blinds block all light and the block your view

Before this family had us apply window film, their only way to block the excess of sunshine that comes with living in Orlando was to close the blinds. That meant no view, annoying bright light seeping past the blinds, and a darker, less pleasant interior. With window tint for homes in Orlando the hot Florida sun is kept at bay as warm IR light is rejected and the interior of the home is protected by the 99% reduction of UV light, but the view out through the windows is still perfect. And as window tint lets in plenty of visible light, the home is still bright and inviting, yet the visible light is reduced just enough to stop the glare that can be annoying and even dangerous for eye health.