Homeowner in Clermont reduces heat by choosing a ceramic tint

Clermont Homeowner contacted us at Ultimate Window Tinting to see if we could help with the amount of heat coming into their home. During the free consultation, we found this home has several windows in close proximity which really let in a lot of sun. While this does offer the home plenty of natural light and a beautiful view of the yard, it does mean more UV exposure and heat coming into the home as well. The homeowners chose our ceramic film which offers a natural view in and natural view out while providing the heat rejection and glare reduction they’re looking for. Ceramic films help stop the heat at the glass before it enters the room and also protects the furnishings from fading and UV damage.


Now that these windows are tinted, the home’s HVAC system runs more efficiently and less glare and heat are transmitted through the windows. Whether your concerns are heat reduction or privacy the pros at Ultimate Window Tinting are here to discuss all of your options. 

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