How to Find the Best Window Tint for Your Car and Home

A window tint is a type of protective material applied on the surface of an auto or residential window. It can also be used for commercial properties. Different types of tints are used for each type of property. Most car owners choose between hiring a professional for a custom auto tint around Waterford Lakes, Florida and purchasing a DIY tint kit.

Although it is not impossible to tint home windows yourself, most homeowners resort to calling for a professional residential glass tinting around Waterford Lakes, Florida. However, if you insist on tinting the windows on your own, you can always do so.

Whether you choose to work with a seasoned installer or tint the windows yourself, you should know how to choose the correct tint.

Set Your Goals

If you want to choose the right window tint, you need to know why you want to install one in the first place. Do you want to tint the windows to reduce the amount of light and heat that pass through or do you simply want to customize your car? You should also ask yourself why you need a ceramic tint in Waterford Lakes, Florida or any other type of tint.

The same is true if you want to have your home windows tinted. Why do you want to use a solar tint near Waterford Lakes, Florida? Do you want to use the window film to deter thieves or just to conceal your home’s interior? By knowing the specific purpose of the tint, you can choose which material works bests for you. Set your goals before you commit to buying a film.

Know Your Budget

How much is your budget for the tint? Before you research about the residential or car window tinting prices around Waterford Lakes, Florida, you should already have a working budget in mind. Car tinting shops usually charge per window. The cost of a car glass tint also varies depending on the component of the film. On an average, shops charge around $417 to tint an entire regular-sized vehicle.

For home glass tints, the price is influenced by the type and size of films. The average cost for a residential window tinting service is $573. The total cost can amount to at most $1,400, depending on the size or decorative style of the window tint.

If you still have concerns about your options, you can consult with our team. There are so many things you need to consider before finally purchasing a window tint.