Love Your Dog? Have Window Tint Installed on Your Car Windows Now

If your dog goes with you in your car often, having window tint is a must. Dogs are prone to heatstroke, especially inside a hot car. To protect your dog from the unwanted effects of high temperatures, you should tint your car windows.

Watch Out for Excessive Heat Signs

Excessively high temperatures inside your car can harm your pets in ways you probably have never imagined. Any dog can suffer from excessive panting,or he can suddenly stop panting. A dog’s pulse can be racing or erratic. Weakness and lack of coordination including muscle tremors are signs of excessive heat exposure. Vomiting, salivation, convulsions, collapse, and even death can occur.

You can avoid all these signs of high-temperature exposure by merely asking if there is a car window tinting near Lake Mary, Florida. No one wants to see their dog with very red lips and bluish tongue or to have anxious or blank expressions. A car with window tint can help avoid the adverse effects of an excessively hot car.

Manage the Environment

Searching fora “window tinting near me near Lake Mary, Florida” is the first step to managing the environment. By having the windows of your car tinted, you can help your dog feel comfortable inside your vehicle even if it is warm outside. Whether your vehicle is on the move or stationary, window tint will do a good job in preventing too much heat from entering your car.

Other ways to manage the environment include keeping the air conditioner running. Having the AC on gives your dog a pleasantly cool car ride. Opening the window a bit when the air conditioner is off is also a good idea. Choose a place with ample shade if you need to park your vehicle.

Choose the Tint

There are a few differences between car window tinting films and commercial window tinting films used for buildings. You can check building window tinting in Lake Mary, Florida, to find out if they have a sister company that sells tint films for car windows. There are many options to choose from when it comes to car window tints.From light tints to dark hues, metalized to dyed tint films, window tinting films come in a wide range of choices. Window film designs in Lake Mary, Florida, can help you narrow your options.

Find a Tint Shop

Check online or better yet ask your family and friends who own dogs if they had their car windows tinted. They can be an excellent resource since they have dogs too. Check with co-workers and other people in your circle. They may know of red window tint around Lake Mary, Florida. Or you can even ask your dog’s vet for recommendations of car window tinting shops.

A dog’s body temperature can quickly shoot up on a hot day inside a closed car. Even with the air conditioner on, if the outside temperature is too high, the vehicle can still get hot. Heatstroke can cause unwanted effects to your dog. By having window tint installed on your car’s windows, you can lessen the harmful effects of too much heat on your precious canine companion.