Protection With Double Layer Ceramic For 2021 Toyota 4Runner

This new Toyota owner was in need of some protection from the Florida sun’s UV rays and the heat that comes with it. Our professional installers were able to provide them with different film samples of the multiple films we offer and we were also able to show them a heat demo to prove which tint had the best performance when it comes to heat rejection. After all of their questions were answered, they chose the FormulaOne Stratos for the SUV. The FormulaOne Stratos is the best and the owner was excited as they plan to keep this vehicle for years to come.

This nano-ceramic film not only offers a high heat rejection percentage but with multiple shades to choose from it can also offer you privacy for you and your belongings inside your vehicle.

By applying this film this new vehicle is not only protected by 99.9% of the harmful sun’s UV rays but also, rejects up to 80% of infrared entering the vehicle. So not only will this film applied to these windows keep the interior nice and cool but will also protect it from any fading or any other damage to the interior caused by the sun but also protects you and your skin. Let us help upgrade your vehicle today!

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