Softly Diffused Light and Privacy

Softly Diffused Light and Privacy
Featuring LLumar Glacier (NRM55 PS4)

When looking for privacy for your windows, we understand you often have several options. Is it decorative that you’re looking for? Maybe just a darkening film?  Perhaps a traditional frost is what you’re familiar with. If you’re confused or overwhelmed by these choices, our friendly and knowledgeable consultants can help. These Homeowners called us because they needed privacy in parts of their beautiful Davenport residence. 

Although they were enjoying the decorative glass in their front entrance, they wanted something that wouldn’t allow visitors to look into their home uninvited. More urgently, they also had a window offering a clear view into each restroom.

LLumar Glacier (NRM55 PS4) solved both of these problems for them. LLumar’s Glacier film allows light to shine through while maintaining modesty where needed. It offers privacy while still shielding you and your valuables from harmful UV rays, and can also be custom cut for a decorative appearance. For these Homeowners, it offered the privacy they were looking for, while still allowing the perfect amount of light in.

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