Tint Near Me: All You Need to Know About Blackout Tint

If you’ve done your fair share of research, you might think that your “tint near me” dilemma ends when you’ve answered the question: “Where can I tint my windows around Isleworth, Florida?” Well, it sure doesn’t. Next thing you should be thinking about is how dark your window tints should be.

A popular after-market upgrade choice for most car owners is the window tint sheets around Isleworth, Florida, with the darkest shades possible.

But before you jump on the bandwagon and look for blackout window film around Isleworth, Florida, here are some pointers in your “tint near me” to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you:

  • Heat blocking

A common misconception of people who look for “tint near me” is that the blackout tints provide more protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. While dark tints may be a logical choice when it comes to heat blocking capacity, a clear window film with high quality can be more efficient than cheap dark tints.

  • Tint percentage

Though some cars come with untinted glass, most vehicles you can buy today already have a certain level of tint upon purchase. It usually ranges from 15% to 26%, which translates to 85%–74% light transmittance. For example, if you apply a film with 30% tint over your factory tinted windows, it will result in 55%–44% light transmittance. Depending on the tinting policies in your area, you might be unknowingly breaking the law. Best to ask about laws regarding window tint percentage in Isleworth, Florida, before having your windows tinted.

  • Aesthetics

For most people who look for tint for a car around Isleworth, Florida, a darker window shade gives a more sleek, sophisticated finish. If improving your car’s aesthetics is your main goal for getting a window tint, then it is good to know that there are several other film types like dyed, metallic, hybrid and even ceramic films that you could choose from.

  • Privacy

Window tints come with a wide array of shades that provide different levels of privacy for car owners. If you’re someone who occasionally changes outfits inside the car, a darker window tint is your best choice. A lower tint percentage can best keep your valuables away from prying eyes and possible theft.

  • Visibility

Dark tints can reduce glare and can keep the sun from straining your eyes too much. But heavily tinted car windows can impede a driver’s vision particularly on cloudy days or rainy seasons. Consider rainy days and nighttime driving when deciding on how dark you intend your tints to be.

Different people have different reasons why they want to have their car windows tinted. A professional advice along with your “tint near me” knowledge from all your research will ensure that your tinting choices would reflect your unique style and taste.