Window Tint Near Me: Things to Know About Customized Tints

It is a common misconception that when you search for “window tint near me,” you’ll only get results for the dark tinted variety. There are many types of window film for your homes, cars, and businesses. Some glazes are dark, while others are clear, and there are also options for decorative films for automotive, residential or retail stores.

So here are some things you need to know about customized window films:

You Can Blend Your Windows With the Surrounding Area

One way to increase privacy for your homes is to install one-way glass film around Oviedo, FL. It is a unique glass film that allows full visibility for those inside the space. Outside is a different story.

The outside appearance could vary from simple matte white to reflective mirror. It is also possible to print graphics that are visible only on the outside. To those looking for business or house tinting in Oviedo, FL, the one-way visibility film is a good option to add privacy to your space.

Window Films That Can Withstand Almost Anything

If you’re searching for “protective window tint near me,” chances are you’ll be offered metalized or hybrid films. These are strong types of films and are used to shatter-proof car windows.

For residential or commercial use, it is recommended to use security glass film around Oviedo, FL. This is a thicker type of glaze that can block larger amounts of UV rays than standard tints. It can also withstand heavier impact from natural incidents to burglary.

You can also search for “heavy-duty window tint near me” that can reduce blast hazards.

You Can Add Your Personality to Your Window’s Design

Have you always wanted to unleash your inner artist through your car? Now, you can!

There are now many shops that offer custom tint near Oviedo, FL. You have the option to use pre-made designs, or you can create your own art. Look up where to get car windows tinted around Oviedo, FL, and ask the experts about customized designs.

This is also applicable for commercial spaces such as a retail store. Keep in mind, though, that customized window films might be limited to certain color schemes depending on your budget.

You don’t need to limit yourself to dark window tints. You can also combine custom-designed glass films with additional strength and one-way visibility. This might be more expensive but a good investment in the long run. Start searching for “customized window tint near me,” and be ready to upgrade your style.