Ceramic Tint For Home Balcony Windows In Orlando, FL

This home here in Orlando, FL has a beautiful balcony on the master bedroom. Even though they love their view out of their large door windows, they were letting in too much heat for the homeowners liking. The homeowners contacted Ultimate Window Tinting with their concerns and questions on the best options to reduce this heat entering their home. 

We were pleased to make them aware that this is a common issue and we would be happy to help! We sent one of our consultant’s out to this home for a quick consultation. Immediately he could feel the heat and even performed a heat demo demonstration on how the different films we offer work and they were very intrigued by how much heat this ceramic film was able to block out!

By choosing this Ceramic film they are now able to still enjoy the view, just without all that unwanted heat! This film is also going to help their HVAC system run more efficiently which is also dropping their energy costs! This Ceramic film is one of the most effective films on the market today, especially with its high infrared rejection percentage and as well as the 99.9% protection from UVA/UVB exposure.
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