Frosted Door In Orlando Home adds Privacy For Front Entryway

The entryway to this charming home in Orlando was letting in a lot of light as well as too many unwanted eyes with these large windows in the front of their home. They opted for a privacy film to help block out any lurking eyes their way as well as reduce the glare entering this home.

This arch above the door was letting in a lot of glare and light which was making it very difficult to cool off this part of their home. Not to worry, with the frosted privacy film we applied it offers the privacy and UV protection they were looking for.

Not only did they choose a privacy film for the front of the home, they also inquired about a type of privacy film for this door inside their home. They wanted it to look classy and not to be overbearing appearance-wise. After going through a few film samples with one of our consultants, they chose a frosted film. This frosted film was helpful to reduce glare and add privacy to this glass door. 

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