Commercial Window Tint in Orlando Adds Privacy

Sometimes it really is the little things in life. Like in this case one single glass door that was letting in just a little bit too much light and was letting people walking by this fitness center get just a little bit too much of a look inside. The good news for the owner of this Orlando business is window tinting’s low cost and how highly effective window film is at changing the way glass windows and doors look and function.

Before window tint this door was fully transparent.

Adding Privacy Without Blocking the View

We applied one way privacy window tint for this business in Orlando and the results were a glass door that does not permit passersby to see into the property but still lets those inside enjoy a clear view out. This type of commercial window tint does not block natural light so the interior of the location will remain bright and inviting, just more private.

Now with privacy tint.

Commercial Window Film in Orlando Blocks UV Light

While privacy was the primary concern of the operators of this business in Orlando window tint also has many other benefits, arguably the main one being the 99% rejection of ultraviolet light. This will prevent interior fading and discoloring and will keep the interior of the property looking great for years to come.