Privacy Window Tint for a Honda Civic in Orlando, FL

We recently worked on a 2000 Honda Civic at our Orlando car tint shop and were once again blown away by how well Hondas age. The car not only still worked great, but it even look good despite being nearly 20 years old. What wasn’t working for the driver anymore were the windows that let people outside the vehicle see right in. And in our opinion, the tint wasn’t looking good enough, either.

So we added dark privacy window tint that will help the driver and passengers enjoy a safe, private interior and that looks better than ever from the outside, too.

Before we added privacy tint you could see right into this car.

In Florida Window Tint Adds Privacy and More

This Honda Civic window tint customer was primarily interested in added privacy, but what he got was window tint that will offer so much more. In Orlando Florida window film for cars can mitigate the issues caused by all that Florida sunshine, preventing interior fading by blocking 99% of the sun’s UV rays and keeping the car cooler by blocking infrared heat. It also reduces glare to make driving in bright sun or against oncoming headlights at night safer.

With tint, this Honda Civic is now more private.

Window Tint Preserves the Value of the Vehicle

When it finally comes time for this driver to sell his 2000 Honda Civi, the window tint we applied will help with resale value. It will do that of its own accord, and also because it will prevent any further fading, cracking or discoloring to the inside of the car, thus making it look much better for the next owner.