Considering Ceramic Pro in Oviedo FL?

Orlando Tint has long specialized in providing topnotch window film for cars in Orlando, FL, and we pride our auto tinting services on making cars look their best and from window film making cars safer and more valuable, too. We are now fast becoming the leading installer of Ceramic Pro in Orlando as well, and this unique, durable nano-ceramic coating material is a new favorite automotive enhancement product with many of our longtime customers. Ceramic Pro is applied to a vehicle as a liquid and then creates a super strong, completely transparent coating over the entire exterior of the car, truck, or SUV.

Just as great window film protects auto glass against scratches and can prevent UV light from fading the interior of the car, Ceramic Pro prevents scratches and abrasions to vehicle paint, vinyl wrap, or carbon fiber, and it can also prevent sunlight from fading the vehicle’s exterior. Ceramic Pro is also hydrophobic, shedding water when it rains or when a car is splashed to reducing the appearance of unsightly streaks or water spots and preventing the development of hard water stains over time. Ceramic Pro protects the exterior of vehicles from all sorts of common sources of damage, keeping the automobile looking better daily and helping it retain more value over the years.

Orlando Tint’s Ceramic Pro Price In Oviedo FL

If you are interested in learning the cost of Ceramic Pro in Orlando, then please complete the form on our website, call us on the phone, or stop by our shop, whichever works best for you. We will gladly let you know how much Ceramic Pro application will cost for your specific vehicle (or vehicles, as we gladly work with fleets of cars both private and commercial). However Orlando Tint does not have a fixed Ceramic Pro cost breakdown we can use to tell you your application’s likely pricing until we know more about your car. Every Ceramic Pro coating we complete is a custom job that is tailored to suit the needs of the individual customer and based off the specific vehicle to be serviced. We do guarantee top quality work that will satisfy even the most discerning automobile owners, of course.

Orlando Tint’s Ceramic Pro Gold Package Oviedo, FL

The Ceramic Pro Gold Package is an investment that the automotive aficionado will instantly recognize as a worthwhile expenditure. The package consists of four complete coats of Ceramic Pro 9H layered one over another and then topped with a coating of Ceramic Pro Light. All together, the effect created by this five step coating process is the rendering of a car, truck, or SUV that is highly resistant to exterior cosmetic damage and that looks great even with infrequent washing. Cars that have received the Orlando Tint Ceramic Pro Gold Package can better resist common chronic aesthetic damage such as can be caused by solar fading, corrosion from humidity or salty air, and from the abrasions caused by dust and other particulate matter encountered during all drives. This thick, protective coating can also protect a car against more acute damage, such as scratches caused by branches or flying gravel, stains or discoloration caused by spilled fuel, bird droppings, or tree sap, and much more.

Oviedo Florida Ceramic Pro 9H from Orlando Tint

Orlando Tint applies Ceramic Pro on more and more vehicles with each passing week. That’s because almost every customer who learns about this impressive nano-ceramic vehicle coating technology opts to have it applied to their car. Ceramic Pro 9H gets its name from the same scale used to rate the scratch-resistance of minerals, where 1 is rated as very soft and easily scratched and 10 is reserved for nature’s strongest mineral, the diamond. That 9H rating therefore denotes a material that is highly resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Ceramic Pro 9H is also highly heat resistant, easily withstanding temperatures that could ruin standard auto paint or vinyl wrap, keeping the exterior beneath the coating protected fro damage and looking great. It is also a super hydrophobic formula that easily sheds water and keeps a car, truck, or SUV looking clean even far between washes. And finally, in most cases, Ceramic Pro 9H is a permanent solution to vehicle exterior protection. This formula creates a molecular bond with auto paint, vinyl, and other polymers, forging a protective shield around the vehicle’s exterior that can last for as long as three decades.

Orlando Tint Paint Correction In Oviedo FL

Ceramic Pro products can be used to coat every exterior surface of a vehicle, including painted or vinyl wrapped areas, headlights, bumpers, and even the windshield and windows. Unlike a coat of wax or polish, Ceramic Pro creates a coating that is permanent and cannot be removed except by abrasion in the event of a total new paint job or color wrap. Thus it’s imperative that your car, truck, or SUV looks its absolute best before a Ceramic Pro application. That’s why Orlando Tint offers complete auto paint correction services. We will work to restore your car’s paint job or vinyl wrap to a brand new look before we apply Ceramic Pro. We can also repair or replace old, worn, or damaged window tinting, as Ceramic Pro will help protect and preserve auto window film just the same as it will protect and preserve paint or color wraps.