Protect Your Car in Windermere with Ceramic Pro

Protect Your Car in Windermere with Ceramic Pro

Orlando Tint is proud to serve drivers in Windermere, FL. We offer everything from custom vehicle window tinting services to car paint correction to vehicle vinyl color wraps to Ceramic Pro coatings. While our shop works with vehicle owners from all over the state of Florida, in Windermere, Ceramic Pro application has fast become the service most of our customers want to learn more about. That’s because Ceramic Pro offers amazing vehicle exterior protection and can keep a car, truck, or SUV protected from scratches and minor dents, from corrosion and rust, from sun fading, and from water streaks and spotting.

Ceramic Pro keeps a car looking great and keeps it better protected against damage, so if you have a valued vehicle, come to Orlando Tint to have it safeguarded with Ceramic Pro.

We carry multiple Ceramic Pro products, from Ceramic Pro Strong, a rugged coating intended for commercial and industrial vehicles, to Ceramic Pro Sport, a shiny coating that has superlative hydrophobic effect and glossy looks, to Ceramic Pro 9H, the lasting and durable formula that withstands immense heat and prevents even the toughest scratches. An Orlando Tint specialist will be happy to talk through the Ceramic Pro products on offer and to help make a plan customized to suit your preferences and your vehicle’s needs.

Ceramic Pro Price In Windermere FL

Many of our Windermere, Florida Ceramic Pro clients come asking the same question: How much does Ceramic Pro cost? If you fill out the form on our website, call us on the phone, or just stop by the shop, we can give you a Ceramic Pro installation price estimate that’s tailored expressly for your vehicle. However, we do not advertise any fixed rates for Ceramic Pro, because no two coating jobs are ever the exact same. Based on the Ceramic Pro formulas you choose, on the condition of your car’s exterior before the coating, and based on several other factors, like car type and aftermarket features, we can create a completely customized Ceramic Pro coating plan for you, thus your coating costs will be specific to the car, too.

We always tell our customers in Windermere, FL Ceramic Pro application costs significantly less than a brand new auto paint job or a total new vinyl wrap, and once you have a ceramic coating applied over your vehicle you’ll probably never require a new paint or wrapping again. So you can think of Ceramic Pro as an investment that will pay for itself through saving you from incurring other costs.

The Orlando Tint Ceramic Pro Gold Package In Windermere, FL

The Orlando Tint Ceramic Pro Gold Package was developed exclusively for automobile owners who demand the finest products for their vehicles. If you want the best level of protection for a car, truck, or SUV, then the Ceramic Pro Gold Package is simply the best choice.

Our Ceramic Pro Gold Package includes four full coatings of the amazingly durable Ceramic Pro 9H formula applied over every painted or vinyl covered surface of your automobile. The package also uses Ceramic Pro Light applied over the windows, as well as over the top of the surfaces layered with Ceramic Pro 9H. This final coating protects those more fragile glass surfaces and curtails the amount of ultraviolet sunlight that enters the interior. It also creates a glossy effect over the entire vehicle, helping the auto look cleaner and newer at all times

In Windermere, FL the Ceramic Pro Gold Package coating protects a car against the damage caused by rain, humidity, and salty air, and it will prevent sun fading and discoloration caused by the hours of annual sunshine. This coating will prevent scratches created by pebbles and road debris bouncing up from under the tires of other cars and helps protect against minor dents and gouges, too. Individual prices for the Orlando Tint Windermere Ceramic Pro Gold Package vary based on vehicle age, condition, and its make and model, but know that Orlando Tint always offers competitive pricing.

Windermere Florida Ceramic Pro 9H from Orlando Tint

 Orlando Tint recommends Ceramic Pro 9H more than any other single nano-ceramic coating product. This strong, resilient formula creates permanent exterior protection for your car, truck, SUV, or even for a boat. While many ceramic vehicle coating products wear away over time and therefore must be refreshed, when a few coats of Ceramic Pro 9H are layered over each other, the vehicle can enjoy multiple years of exterior protection.

And during those years of exterior protection, Ceramic Pro 9H offers your car many day-to-day benefits. These include the superior scratch protection for which the formula gets its name: the 9H refers to an amazing hardness rating. (On the scale of 1 to 10, Ceramic Pro 9H is rated near the very top in terms of scratch resistance.) Ceramic Pro 9H also offers superb thermal resistance; it is able to endure heat over 2,000+ degrees Fahrenheit. It can protect your car from rust and corrosion, it will protect paint and vinyl wrap against fading and peeling, and it sheds off water to keep your car looking clean and streak-free even after heavy rains or the deepest puddles.

Vehicle Paint Correction In Windermere FL 

Orlando Tint is not only a leading vendor of Ceramic Pro coating in Windermere, Florida (as well as in greater Central Florida beyond) but is also one of the best vehicle paint correction companies in the region. Before any application of a Ceramic Pro formula, we see to it that your vehicle undergoes a thorough two-stage paint correction. During this paint correction process, we remove swirls and scratches, restore faded or discolored areas, and remove other imperfections visible on your car’s exterior. We repair dents and gouges and we specialize in fixing or replacing damaged vinyl wrap and window film.

Once Orlando Tint’s coatings of Ceramic Pro have created a molecular-level bond and are permanently protecting a car’s looks, we ensure that the Ceramic Pro will be guarding a car exterior that looks its best.