Great Privacy and Heat Rejecting Tint for Kia K5 in Orlando, Florida

The owners of this 2023 Kia K5 reached out to us with a non-conventional request for their tint. They wanted a combination of the different window tints we carry to fit their different needs. Our team was happy to work with them to figure out the best fit for their needs which included a combination of heat rejection and privacy. For the windshield, they decided they wanted to go with a great heat rejecting tint. We recommended a single-layer ceramic tint which will offer excellent heat rejection but at a price point within their budget. They had the option of clear or shaded but ultimately decided on a shaded windshield for added privacy.

For the sides and back, they decided to go with traditional darkening tint. This traditional tint will offer the privacy they want and is available in several different shades.

In the end our team was able to make recommendations that suited their new Kia K5 and their budget. They will also have peace of mind in knowing none of our tints interfere with cell reception, electronics, satellite, or GPS. Each of our tints offers 99% UV protection which means the driver, passengers and the vehicles interior will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

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