Keep New Cars Looking New In Florida with Window Tint

This 2020 Ford Explorer is now protected against UV damage.

Every hour a car spends exposed to sunlight is an hour where the interior will be potentially damaged and faded by exposure to invisible but powerful ultraviolet light. This most destructive part of the sunlight spectrum is what causes sunburns and even skin cancer in humans, and it’s what causes the faded upholstery, cracked dashboards, and generally worn looking interior of far too many older cars.

Stop this unsightly damage before it begins by getting a great UB-blocking window tint insulated on your car, truck, or SUV. That’s just what one recent customer did with a brand new Ford Explorer that is new guaranteed to retain it’s great looking interior for years.

This 2020 Ford Explorer is now protected against UV damage.

Window Tint In Florida Keeps It Cool

Getting window tint for cars in Orlando, FL is a great idea because of that UV protection that keeps your vehicle’s interior and your own skin safe from sun damage by blocking 99% of the ultraviolet light, but it’s also a cool idea, too. As in physically cool. Window tinting as car can block enough solar heat to keep the car cooler inside even without the use of the AC. You know those big reflectors people stick in windshields when they’re parked? A great car window film job can have much the same effect, but without a huge piece of cardboard and foil jammed on top of your dashboard, not to mention the 360º of protection getting a complete car tint job can offer.

Our car window tints will keep your car cooler inside, will block UV damage, and will also add privacy and style to your vehicle. Just look at this sleek 2020 Ford Explorer that now has dark windows complementing its pristine dark paint job. It’s a look the driver will enjoy for years.