Legal Car Window Tint In Orlando Florida

One of the most common questions our auto window film customers ask is if window tinting your car is legal in Florida. The short answer is… yes! Of course it’s legal to get window tint in Florida, we’d be out of business if it weren’t. And not only is window tinting cars legal in Florida, it’s a great idea, too. All the hot, bright sun can make your car unpleasantly warm and filled with harsh glare, two problems auto window tint can take care of at the same time.

And beyond mitigating the problems caused by all the sun in Florida car window tint also adds privacy and style to your vehicle, which were two things the owner of this 2005 Mazda RX-8 was keen to have added to his vehicle.

Adding window tint to a Mazda RX-8 adds style.

Protect Your Car’s Interior from Fading with Window Tint

While the owner of this Mazda RX-8 was primarily interested in how window tinting a car in Orlando adds style and enhances privacy, it’s also always welcome knowledge that window tint protects the interior of the car.

By blocking up to 99% pf the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light, window tint for a car will protect the interior against the fading and cracking that UV light can cause over time. That means upholstery that’s not worn and discolored, a dashboard that doesn’t have lines and cranks, and interior surfaces that are still smooth and retain their color over the years.

So getting legal window tint for a vehicle in Florida is a good idea for many reasons. Come by our Orlando car window tinting shop today to get a free estimate of the cost and timing of your own tint job, and know that in most cases we can turnt the car around in just a day or two.