Window Tint for a 2016 Toyota Tundra in Orlando

There are two kinds of vehicles out there: the kind you use to drive yourself to and from work, and the kind you use for the actual work. In the case of a truck like a Toyota Tundra, usually the latter is the case. And such was the case with this rugged 2016 Toyota Tundra we recently upgraded with window film in our Orlando car tint shop.

The cabin of this pickup truck is now better protected against damage caused by UV fading, its windows are reinforced against cracking or shattering, and the dark tint even adds style that matches the Tundra’s black paint job. But that’s not all window tint for a truck like this can do. It will also make every drive the vehicle’s owner takes more pleasant and enjoyable. Window tint is an affordable investment that you will enjoy each and every day you get behind the wheel.

Window tint adds privacy and cooling.

A Cooler, More Comfortable Drive with Window Tint

Thanks to the window tint we applied to this 2016 Toyota Tundra’s cabin the interior of the vehicle is now almost impossible to see from the outside. That added privacy will have the driver feeling more relaxed when spending long hours behind the wheel in the course of as busy day. The tint will also greatly reduce interior heat by blocking infrared energy, keeping the truck much cooler inside.

Heat blocked by window tint means more comfort but it also means a more fuel efficient truck that’s less expensive to own and operate. In Orlando truck window tint is a must have due to all that hot sunshine that usually necessitates running fuel draining AC for hours every day. A car window film installation like this one will usually pay for itself over time in terms of fuel savings.