Screen Privacy Cloaking Window Film for the Open Office Design

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Open Work Environment

A workplace is supposed to be a collaborative environment where people come together and share ideas; otherwise, it would be much more affordable for companies to have all their employees work from home and to do away with offices, conference rooms, and all the rest of the communal space. This would mean a great reduction in the inspired, innovative ideas that arise when heads come together to develop concepts, to problem solve, and to innovate in a group setting.

However, often the problem of the modern workspace is not too little opportunity for working together collaboratively, but in fact too much of it: in the open, transparent modern office space, privacy and discretion can be in short reserve. Often meetings involve displaying information and graphics that must be kept private from the view of others within the company and/or from clients or customers visiting the offices. When this is true, those within the offices or conference rooms where this data will be shared must hope there are blinds or drapes that can be closed, or they must revert to taping paper over the windows and thus creating intrigue and suspicion.

Just the Right Amount of Privacy

In spaces where sensitive or private data is often displayed on screens and monitors, you can always opt for privacy window film that blocks the view in through windows and glass walls, but this can damage the open and communal feeling many managers want to encourage in their place of business. In most cases, there’s no need to hide who is attending a meeting, but simply to keep the details displayed on screens and monitors during a presentation available only to those within the space.

When this is the case, you need not block the view into the office, classroom, laboratory, or conference room entirely, you just need to block the view of the screens.

For that, you can turn to the advanced screen blocking window tint created by Designtex and called Casper Cloaking Technology. Also known more descriptively as Casper Privacy Film, this unique, advanced material appears optically transparent to the human eye yet blocks the light emitted by larger LED and LCD screens. That means that when you look through a window treated with Casper privacy film, you will see the faces and body language of everyone inside, you will see who is talking, who is nodding, and who is sipping coffee. But what you won’t see is whatever is displayed on the monitors and screens inside that space.

The Many Potential Uses of Casper Screen Privacy Window Film

Casper screen privacy window tint was developed primarily for use in offices and is most often used to promote intra office discretion while still preserving an open and communal feel in the workspace. But as this privacy film is hardly selective as to which LCD and LED screens it obscures, it can used in many more places than just within an office.

Casper Cloaking Technology film can be applied to the windows of restaurants, bars, or other venues where televised events intended to be watched only by patrons are being shown without blocking the entire view into the space and therefore creating an unwelcoming feel. This screen privacy tint can also be used to keep material unseen based on its copyright status or if it might be unacceptable for certain would-be viewers based on the nature of the content. (A retail store could show an age-restricted movie on its screens even if it had windows or glass walls past which children might be strolling e.g.)

Screen privacy window film will also provide an immense benefit to the gaming community, especially at the serious, professional level of competition. It allows for the creation of spaces where large computer monitors can be made to appear blacked out and totally devoid of detail to those beyond treated glass surfaces while still allowing those outside the windows or glass walls to see the people within.

A Semi-Permanent Solution

One of the best things about Casper screen privacy window tint is that like all good privacy window films, it can be applied easily and left in place for days, weeks, months, or years, yet it can always also be removed, restoring the glass surfaces to which it was adhered to their exact pre-treatment status. If an office manager faced with enhancing screen display privacy was debating removing the glass walls of a conference room and replacing them with permanent, obscure walls made of drywall, for example, this film offers a much less invasive and much more cost effective alternative.

Casper privacy window tint does not change the way glass walls or windows look and it does not damage the clarity of the view through these walls with one notable exception, of course: screen privacy window film makes it impossible for those outside the room to see the displays of any large LED or LCD screens within.

For Additional Privacy

And if your professional, academic, or government setting merits even more privacy and discretion, Designtex also offers a number of complimentary window films that break up the view in through glass windows and doors without creating the unwelcome feel of a solid wall and without limiting the amount of visible light that passes through.

With Casper screen cloaking window film on the interior of a pane of glass and with graphic privacy window film on the exterior, you can create a space that still feels open and communal yet that actually offers complete secrecy of any data displayed on monitors and screens within and that renders it hard for those on the outside to monitor the precise goings on in progress inside the room in question.