Lexus Window Tinting In Orlando FL Protects Interiors

If you move a piece of furniture or a carpet that has been sitting in one place for years, the flooring underneath it will reveal the powerful damage the sun’s UV rays can create. Or, more accurately, the comparison between that floor and the surfaces that are always exposed: the covered floor will still look original, whereas the exposed areas will seem faded and discolored in comparison. In a vehicle, there’s not even furniture or carpets to cover the upholstery, dashboard, and other areas, so the sun fading is universal. If you were to compare a two cars of the same model year, one driven regularly and always kept under a cover, years later it would be shocking to see how faded and worn the car exposed to light really had become.

UV blocking window tint for Lexus ES 350.

That’s never going to happen to the interior of this 2019 Lexus ES 350, though, because our Orlando car window film shop recently applied window tinting that will block 99% of the sun’s UV light, preventing fading and protecting the driver and passengers from skin damage, too. This window tint will also block the heat of that hot Florida sun, so car tint will also save fuel and reduce operating costs thanks to less need for AC.